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Seafoam Green Therapy Rooms
to Rent for Private Sessions

Hues that speak of life, growth, and healing

The room offers an individual practice space suitable for one-on-one therapy sessions for mental health disorders, psychotherapy, etc.

The serenity offered by the sea-green tone helps you take your first steps towards emotional and mental well-being.

For therapies that involve meeting with the clients individually.

sea green room corridor
sea green room ambience

Price: S$40 per hour

Area: 60 square feet. Comfortably seats two people.

Other use options include:

  • Private meetings
  • Private tuitions
  • Private language classes
  • One-on-one spiritual discussions
  • Office use and storage space

Availability: 4 Seafoam Green rooms

Each room offers an ambiance that is explicitly planned for individual therapies.

Comfortable furnishings, plush chairs, dainty side tables, soothing lights, and a quiet aura – everything you need for a successful private therapy session!

We offer amenities that can help you focus on your clients. Our friendly staff, comfortable waiting areas, members lounge, pantry area are all a part of the deal.