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Group Activity & Therapy Space
for Open Communication

Simple designs, limitless function

If you’re looking for bigger space options to conduct group therapies, sessions, or meetings, this room offers an ideal place for it.

The neutral tones, translucent green glass walls, and comfortable chairs create an excellent setup to start a healthy group session.

One of the wall facades is beautifully decorated with swirls of green, orange, blue, and white across 16 grey circles, serving as a highlight of the room.

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types of rooms

S$ 120 for the first 2 hours
S$ 50 per subsequent hour

Area: 185 square feet. Comfortably accommodates ten people.

Use options include:

  • Group therapy
  • Group sessions
  • Group tuitions
  • Group language classes
  • Corporate training sessions
  • Spiritual meets
  • Office use and storage spaces

Availability: 1 group room

We offer amenities that can help you focus on your clients. Our friendly staff, comfortable waiting areas, members lounge, pantry area are all a part of the deal.