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Meet our Team

Our friendly team is easy to spot – a warm smile that welcomes you to our spaces.

What makes us different?

We’re professionals from different spheres who follow a common passion – to create the best co-working office spaces for rent to therapists and other professionals in Singapore.

We’re here to enhance your therapy experiences.

With a singular motto to help therapists who are helping people in need, our team is adept at preparing personalized packages that meet your needs.

At A Space Between, we believe in building a community. Talk to any of our team members and get your queries sorted!

Our core team members

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Business Development

Born in Singapore, bred by the world, Lee received her tertiary education in Strategic Design & Management from The New School’s Parsons School of Design. 

She seeks to identify problems, create a structural framework through ideation rapid-prototyping and uncover solutions through a concise design thinking approach – but in reality, she’s most adept at putting out start-up fires and sidestepping surprise walls. 

Frightfully curious, she is an involuntary problem solver, an erudite of daily trivia, thriving on finding solutions to everyday problems.

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Creative Director
Content & Communications

An independent filmmaker who loves her chicken rice as much as she is obsessed with her cameras, Joy Lee is the director behind award-winning films such as That’s WICKED! which premiered at the 2012 International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam.

In the daytime, Joy channels her creativity into her role as a Creative Director at A Space Between, straddling between content and communication to create a unique voice for the budding brand. When night falls, she can be found out and about experimenting in filmmaking. Having recently premiered her latest documentary series Fade to Black, Joy shows no sign of slowing down in her creative pursuits.

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Community Manager
Community & Operations
(Strength – Customer Service)

Juliana Low loves out of box thinking and cutting-edge ideas. She loves overhauling standard practices if it means the opportunity to get a fresh perspective. Her experience in Customer Service from the Airlines to the Art Science Museum has given a new meaning to the can-do spirit.

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Office Support
(Strength – Online Accounts Software)

Ellen takes care of the administrative functions in ASB. Her background in administrations and basic accounts has led her to her current role performing the bookkeeping duties, assisting with office facilities management and general administrative functions.

Having completed her college education in the commerce stream and diploma in computing, Ellen found time to pursue her other interests obtaining other professional certifications related to accounting, finance, culinary art, social services etc. In her free time, she enjoys catching up with friends and family.