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FAQ – Culture

Last updated: 03 March, 2021.

We have a group therapy room (comfortably sitting 10 due to safer distancing regulations) and 3 categories of 13 private rooms outfitted with furniture of a consistent style and modern art décor to promote the key objective of continuity. Clients of our members benefit from the familiarity, no matter which room they hold their sessions in.

We are optimally lit according to best practice research; with sunlit windows in most of our rooms. Our internal rooms are priced accordingly as a more wallet friendly option. You’ll also find several communal spaces for working, networking and relaxing.

Short answer: Yes!

We strive to be an inclusive workspace; almost everyone and their mother is welcome at A Space Between.

Currently, the majority of our members are from mental health disciplines. We recognise the importance of diversity and we welcome nutritionists, coaches and experts from other non-clinical disciplines who need a comfortable space for meetings/consultations.

This, however, subjects to the approval of the team at A Space Between. Please contact [email protected].sg for more information.

Short answer: Yes!

We are open to private practices outside of the health industry but we want to make sure that we’re recruiting members who are respectful of the space. It’s all about values.

If you would like to join, contact us at [email protected].sg and let’s discuss!