Transgender Advocacy and Mental Health: A Conversation with Lune Loh

Transgender Advocacy and Mental Health: A Conversation with Lune Loh

We are excited to announce a virtual talk that promises to be both informative and eye-opening. This event is designed to benefit mental health therapists and counsellors who work with transgender individuals or who want to learn more about working with this community.

Our guest speaker, Lune Loh, is a well-known transgender activist who has dedicated her life to raising awareness and promoting acceptance of the transgender community in Singapore and beyond. As a co-founder of Students for a Safer NUS, Lune has worked with various organisations and groups to advance the cause of transgender equality.

Lune’s advocacy work is informed by her firsthand experience of the difficulties faced by transgender individuals. She has developed several strategies to overcome these difficulties and has a unique perspective that would be invaluable to our members. Having a conversation with a transgender activist can be an incredibly worthwhile experience for therapists who are seeking to better serve transgender people. By listening to and learning from the experiences of transgender people, providers can develop more effective and sensitive approaches to working with this community.

During this virtual talk, Lune will share her personal experiences as a transgender person and discuss the challenges that transgender individuals often face in our society. She will also share insights into effective approaches to working with transgender individuals, and provide recommendations for how therapists and counsellors can create a safe and welcoming space for their transgender clients.

This virtual talk will take place on Google Meet, allowing attendees to participate from the comfort of their own homes or offices. We welcome all mental health therapists and counsellors who are interested in learning more about working with transgender individuals to join us for this enlightening event.

We recognise the importance of creating a safe space for everyone, especially for members of marginalised communities like the transgender community. Therefore, we will prioritise the attendance of all active and trial members of our copractice space, A Space Between. However, we encourage everyone who is interested in attending this event to email [email protected] to register their interest.

In conclusion, this virtual talk by Lune Loh is a fantastic opportunity for therapists and counsellors to learn from an experienced transgender activist and advocate. Attendees will gain valuable insights and strategies for working with transgender individuals, and will be able to create a more inclusive and supportive space for all of their clients. We look forward to seeing you at the event!


Google Meet:

19 April 2023 6:00 pm