Navigating Turbulent Waters: How to Choose the Right Family Counselling in Singapore

Family Counselling in Singapore

The landscape of family dynamics is ever-changing, and seeking a professional’s advice during challenging times can be helpful. Fortunately, thanks to its diverse multicultural tapestry, there are a plethora of options for family counselling in Singapore.

With that said, choosing the right professional for your situation can feel like navigating turbulent waters. For that reason, here are some tips you can consider when deciding on family counselling in Singapore.

Why Choose Family Counselling in Singapore

While you can easily seek family counselling in Singapore, you should understand why it is different from regular counselling. Family counselling is a kind of specialised therapy that addresses the health and functioning of a family.

It can help you to resolve conflicts, enhance communication within the family, strengthen damaged bonds, and also elicit positive behavioural changes amongst family members that could make a difference when it comes to strength as a unit.

The first step towards making a change, growing, and healing is to first recognise the issue and that there is a need for support. Having this awareness is key, before taking action and doing something about it.

Family Counselling in Singapore

Factors to Consider When Choosing Family Counselling in Singapore

Qualification and experience of the counsellor

While relevant qualifications in psychology or family therapy does matter, the counsellor whom you end up choosing should also have experience in dealing with issues and people with situations that are similar to yours.

Cultural and linguistic relevance

In a multicultural country like Singapore, it’s crucial to find a counsellor who understands your cultural background and the nuances that come with it. Needless to say, the counsellor should also be able to communicate in your preferred language.

Approach and specialisation

Different counsellors will utilise different approaches and have various specialisations. For example, some may use cognitive-behavioural therapy, whereas others might employ a more holistic approach. Select a counsellor with approaches that align with your family’s needs.

Accessibility and location

While online counselling does work to a certain degree, it is always better if your family is able to be there in person for the counselling sessions. Make sure you consider the location of the counselling service and that it is convenient for you to commute to.

Confidence and comfort

A safe and confidential environment is crucial for effective counselling. Your family should feel at ease and comfortable with the counsellor. Luckily, most counsellors offer a getting-to-know-each other session so that both you and them can assess if the other is the right fit.

Cost and insurance

Understand the cost structure and check if your insurance covers family counselling in Singapore. Some counselling services offer sliding scale fees depending on your income bracket, which may be helpful.

Family Counselling in Singapore

Ways to Find Family Counselling in Singapore

Research: Check online or around the vicinity of your residence to find available services for family counselling in Singapore. Make sure to also look at reviews and testimonials.

Referrals: Word of mouth goes a really long way and now would be the time to talk to your friends, family, or healthcare providers about any recommendations that they may have.

Initial Consultation: Most counsellors out there offer an initial consultation. Make sure to assess for compatibility during this time to see if you are both the right fit for one another.

Questions: If you do have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to get clarity. Ask about their experience, their approach, and what you should expect to gain out of these sessions.

Trust Your Instincts: Ultimately, you need to trust your gut feeling. If the counsellor is right for you and your family, you should feel a sense of calm, trust, and be comfortable with him or her.


Family counselling in Singapore is surely not difficult to come across, but choosing the right one for your family is a crucial decision that can heavily impact your family’s journey towards healing and growth.

Through careful consideration of all the factors that we have talked about in this article, you will be one step closer towards finding the right counsellor that fits your family’s unique needs. Seeking help is a sign of strength, and the right support can really help your family.

A Word From A Space Between

While there are a plethora of options when it comes to family counselling in Singapore, not all counsellors out there will be the right fit. More often than not, it may also take a few tries until you feel completely comfortable with a counsellor.

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