Discovering The Basis Of What Hypnotherapy Can Do For You

Discovering The Basis Of What Hypnotherapy Can Do For You

Hypnotherapy is a form of adjunctive therapy technique that uses hypnosis as means to treat specific health conditions or symptoms. Hypnotherapy functions by inducing an individual into a hypnotic state, allowing them to go through detached external attention, resulting in the increased ability to focus on inner experience.

Hypnotherapy is often used as part of the treatment process for certain anxiety disorders and phobias. It can also be used to encourage pain management, smoking addiction, and weight loss, among other various applications.


In a typical hypnotherapy session, the individuals are guided through a process to put them in a trance-like state that will help them calm down and focus better. This may result in the individual being more susceptive to the therapy process. Hypnotherapy also allows the individual to better focus on the issue in a deeper manner. It utilises techniques such as:

  • Coping skills: Certain cognitive-behavioural coping techniques that the individual may use when facing anxiety or fear may be taught, such as the STOP! technique and guided imagery.
  • Relaxation: The hypnotherapist may guide the individual to visualise themselves being relaxed and at peace, even when confronted by problems or fears.
  • Delving into past experiences: The individual may be brought to experience, relive, or talk about the root of the issue and how they feel at that moment.
  • Suggestion: The hypnotherapist may suggest gently the choice of behaviour change that you can make to help conquer the issues.

Issues hypnotherapy is used for

Hypnotherapy may be used for a number of applications which include:

  • Dementia symptoms
  • Pain during childbirth, surgery, or dental procedures
  • IBS
  • ADHD
  • Chronic pain conditions

It may also be practised by licensed psychologists and physicians in the treatment of mental health conditions such as depression, PTSD, eating disorders, and anxiety. Hypnotherapy may also benefit individuals who seek to change or reduce problem behaviours such as stopping smoking, weight loss, and sleeping better.

How hypnotherapy can benefit you

The effect of hypnotherapy varies among individuals. But generally, the benefits hypnotherapy offers are:

  • Awareness: Some individuals remain fully aware during the entire process, while others might feel detached from reality. Overall, the therapy process heightens your awareness of the cause of the issue.
  • Focus:Our minds are constantly being distracted by what is around us. Be it our surroundings or the day-to-day concerns. The therapy process helps you to focus on the issue.
  • Relaxation: When the individual is being hypnotised, their conscious mind is placed in a relaxed state, allowing their unconscious mind to focus on the issue at hand. Being relaxed means being calmer, hence resulting in the individual being more receptive to conquering their fears or problems.


Hypnotherapy does bring about lots of benefits and techniques that you can use as you face different challenges in life. If you have been struggling with certain challenges and addiction, you might want to consider these therapy process. As with any therapy process, proper research is always critical.

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