2022 Recap: What 2022 Taught Me In My Road to Recovery


Time brings forth new experiences and reminds us of our journey towards a better future for ourselves. Year after year, we struggle with the same problems that we encounter, and some that are new. Despite these challenges, we also heal and recover along the same plane of existence. To endure the difficult times in our lives proves to be a never-ending battle, but it’s what we need to emerge from the cocoon that we know so well. Without the bad times, the good times will not shine as brightly. There are many pivoting moments throughout the year that has changed perceptions of being alive, and what it takes to be in tune with our emotions. Some are external, and some live deep within ourselves. The way we feel about what’s happening around us and ourselves is a co-existence of both factors that play a huge part in how we choose to get through each year. Identifying and applying the tools and learnings that make the difference is as important as the time that we are given to do them.



Being resilient towards what I have faced throughout this past year has been a trait which seemed far from reach at the start, but is now part of how I survive in my environment. As the weeks and months went by, I learned to adapt to the different emotional struggles, and stay grounded to weather the storms that came. It was difficult to come to terms with the fact that I needed to have strength and toughness when dealing with my mental illnesses. It was just not in my nature to be level-headed and logical. I handled my issues with impulse and short-term solutions, just enough to get me through the days one by one. However, when I decided once and for all to be a pillar of my own self support, and to be resilient to the ever changing tides of emotional mess, changed the way I saw my conditions.



I put in the effort to stand undefeated against the troubles that came, and I did this mainly because of an open mind. This method of being open to the challenges and changes is important to me, as it provided a perspective for me to analyse in a bigger picture. I found that once I became more open to my illnesses and what they meant to me, it made me able to stand my ground every step of the way, and be someone who accepts my flaws and remain grounded in the process of recovery. To me, resilience is a trait that comes with the understanding of the situations I face. By focusing and accepting the reality of my mental illnesses, it gave me a purpose to bear the weight of my struggles and come out better in the end.



Compassion is a trait that I learned to keep close to me. I felt that by lending a listening ear, being present, and sympathetic to others who also suffer in their own way provided me with the opportunity to see things in a different light. This was a key approach for me, as by guiding or even solving problems that my peers faced, it gave me a reason and the tools to take my own advice. I may not be at all close to being someone who can easily solve others’ problems, but by simply listening and guiding my friends with the saddle of my own experiences, it made me feel relevant, and that translated to how I see and deal with my own wellbeing. Understanding what ticks and what doesn’t in others, and providing support to them gave me a problem-solving mindset which I eventually applied to myself. After all, we live in a communal society where it is hard to be alone, and once we open our arms to each other, we can then better approach our internal struggles. I’ve learned that we are not as different from one another, and there is a multitude of similarities in terms of triggers and experiences. To identify them is one, but more importantly, providing an outlet and a presence of support will undoubtedly prove to be a plausible step forward in creating a society that thrives on giving, and most of all, living.




There are countless moments in my life where I allowed the darkness to consume me. I was distraught, angry, and felt like there was no way out of my situations. However, some time this year, I decided to look at things with more optimism, and create hope for myself moving forward. Yes, it can be an undesirable thing if you are constantly just looking at the good, and not addressing the bad, but being optimistic about my life has taught me balance. With my ever-changing condition of mental blurriness, it feels great to look for a good reason to carry on, and to feel that things will get better, even if I can’t see it yet. Being optimistic about my mental illnesses has brought me calmness and a levelled stature. It has given me the confidence to work towards my goal of survival and recovery. Even if it is just for brief moment, looking on the bright side of things has proven to create a smile where it otherwise wouldn’t even exist. By looking at things from the good of them, it has given me faith in my ability to actually look forward to being genuinely happy, and that is what matters to me most.




The year has had its ups and downs for me, and it feels like my mind has travelled a great distance back and forth. These three important traits that I have adopted has aided me in my road to recovery and self therapy. I am now stronger than before, feel for the important things more, love more, and want to do more with myself and for the people that mean something to me. There will always come a time when the negativity overshadows the positive things in our lives, but taking it a step at a time, and making your different experiences influence the way you see yourself and the world around you is a motion that breeds clarity and even success. It has been a tough year for some, and a breeze for others. We all have to count our blessings and just move forward without letting the past drag us down. Learn from mistakes, identify the triggers, embrace the good, find what makes you feel alive. Happy new year to everyone, and I hope it really will be.


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There are many lessons learned throughout time that elevate our experiences and give us paths to choose from. Adopting important traits and outlooks on mental illnesses will prove to be a stepping stone towards recovery.

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